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History Meme:  Seven Pairings (1/7) Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England

Henry and Elizabeth’s marriage began the start of the Tudor Dynastsy that would rule England for over a century and ended the thirty year War of the Roses between the houses of Lancaster and York. They had seven children four of whom reached adulthood among them were Henry VIII of England, Margaret Queen of Scotland and Mary Queen of France. Elizabeth became pregnant once more, and in the last months of this, went for her confinement period to the Tower of London. On 2 February 1503, Elizabeth gave birth to a girl named Katherine, but the child died a few days afterwards. Succumbing to a post partum infection, Elizabeth died on 11 February, her 37th birthday. Her husband appeared to sincerely mourn her death; according to one account, he “privily departed to a solitary place and would no man should resort unto him”. Despite his reputation for thrift, he gave her a splendid funeral; she lay in state in the Tower and was buried in Westminster Abbey, in the Lady Chapel Henry had built. He later entertained thoughts of remarriage to renew the alliance with Spain  but Henry died a widower in 1509, most likely of a broken heart: in his final years leading up to his death, his bad reputation for miserliness and paranoia became markedly worse after the death of Elizabeth, as evidenced by the tax collection rolls of the time. He was buried with Elizabeth; there they can be found today, under their effigies in his chapel.

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